Northwest Archaeological Illustration

  • Polynesian Ocean Voyaging Canoe
  • Hawaiian Poi Pounder
  • Lapita Pottery Patterns
  • Nutcracker and Anvil
  • Chinese Canoe Launch Scene
  • Marquesan Spearfishing
  • Spirit Boat
  • Ti'i
  • Hane Valley, Marquesas
  • Fragment of Basket
  • Lapita Cultural Complex
  • Tahitian Marae Scene
  • Lapita Long Unit
  • Early & Late Lapita Vessels
  • CAD Excavation Profile
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To produce a successful artifact illustration one must accurately represent an object while highlighting significant details that might otherwise be lost in a photograph or over time. This requires a trained eye to bring forward faint decoration, wear patterns or to reconstruct damaged finds.

Diana Izdebski is the illustrator behind Northwest Archaeological Illustration located on Bowen Island, BC. Diana merges technical archaeological training with her inner artist to provide detailed and timely illustrations to research archaeologists, CRM firms, journals and museums all over the world.

AA Journal Cover

'Polynesian Voyaging Canoe' is featured on the cover of American Anthropologist June 2013

Exhibit Illustrations

Over 30 illustrations can be seen on display in The Bishop Museum's newly renovated gallery Pacific Hall
Opening Fall 2013

Illustration Workshop

Join me on Saturday August 11th, 2012 for a free workshop on Archaeological Illustrations at the Keatley Creek field lab in Lillooet, BC.

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